Boy Scouts Rejects Autistic Teen’s Application For Higher Rank, Strips Merit Badges

The father of a teen has sued the Boy Scouts of America after they refused to let his son, who is autistic and has Down syndrome, to progress into higher ranks.

Logan Blyth, 15, of Payson, Utah, was barred from climbing up the Boy Scouts ranks, which would have made him an Eagle Scout. He was also stripped of the merit badges that he had earned over the span of three years after performing tasks such as cooking, swimming and working with horses.

The reason Logan’s badges were taken away was because the state’s National Parks Council discovered that the teenager received external help from some local leaders to complete the tasks that badges were awarded for.

Chad Blyth, Logan’s father, said that his son had the mental age of a 4-year-old kid and hence needed some assistance in completing complicated tasks like cooking or diving under water to retrieve an object. “For example, if a task is cooking and the instructions are to pour a cup of flour, Logan won’t stop pouring,” Chad told Metro. 

“After a meeting three weeks later, (it transpired that) because Logan had not been able to do all the particular requirements for any particular merit badges he got no merit badges, and was stripped of those merit badges, stripped of those ranks, and essentially made a cub scout,” Chad added.

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