Bill Hader To Host ‘SNL’; Watch Stefon’s Funniest Sketches

Bill Hader is hosting “Saturday Night Live” tonight, and fans are hoping he’ll bring back one of his most beloved characters: Stefon.

The Weekend Update tourism correspondent made about 20 appearances over the years, but he hasn’t been seen since 2015. With the iconic weirdo likely to make an appearance in the March 17 episode of “SNL,” let’s look back at Stefon’s funniest skits.

Valentine’s Day 2011 — Stefon recommends Seth Meyers take his girlfriend to a dance club that has “Jewpids,” Jewish Cupids. “They just want you to find someone nice and settle down,” Stefon explains. Seth could also give his girlfriend “a human suitcase.” We should let Stefon explain that one. 

Spring Break 2010 — In this St. Patrick’s Day “SNL” sketch, Stefon tells audiences about New York’s hottest club “…Kevin?” which was opened at gun point in a Lady Footlocker and is managed by a gay running back. More importantly, Stefon finally makes a move on Seth.

With Zoolander — Stefon being friends with Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) just makes so much sense. Stefon is bringing the male model as his date to a Halloween party. Zoolander is hosting the bash in the middle of the Hudson River to prove that you don’t need illegal drugs to have a good time. Prescription drugs are just as good.

Halloween 2012 — Stefon details parts of his personal life here, revealing he wakes up at 7 p.m. and feeds his dog, Bark Ruffalo, but after that, he heads to New York’s hottest Halloween party. It’s the details about Jewish Dracula that really makes Hader break character in this “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Spring Break 2013 — In this Weekend Update segment, Stefon reveals details about a club that’s actually a burned down Red Lobster. Obviously, it has everything you could ever want. “You can dance the night away to the sounds of Donald Duck having a Vietnam nightmare,” Stefon says. Luckily, Seth asks what that sounds like and Hader apparently has a delightful scared Donald Duck impression.

Stefon’s Farewell — When Bill Hader left his series regular position on “SNL” in 2013, he stopped by Weekend Update to give one last tourism recommendation for “Pants,” located on that fake street from Seinfeld. After Seth tells Stefon that, once again, that’s not what they’re looking for, Stefon tells Seth that he’s getting married and leaves the set.

Seth chases after Stefon and barges in on his wedding. He fights Anderson Cooper and takes Stefon back to Studio 8H with him. Watch on NBC’s website.

Watch Hader host “SNL” on March 17 at 11:30 p.m. EDT on NBC to find out if Stefon will return.

Stefon skits SNL Bill Hader will return to “Saturday Night Live” on March 17. Photo: NBC

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