‘A.P. Bio’: Lyric Lewis Talks Her Funny Role On The NBC Comedy

Lyric Lewis and her history teacher character on NBC’s “A.P. Bio” are not too different from one another.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lewis said that she and her character Stef share a lot in common. “Stef is very funny,” Lewis said. “I feel like she has a great sense of humor. She’s actively dating very weird men, which would’ve been very reminiscent of a younger, not engaged Lyric. She’s adventurous in that sense and she loves to teach. She’s very much strong-minded. She’s not afraid to do little side hustles to make extra money. I feel like I have a lot of those qualities.”

Lewis also said in an interview previously released by NBC that Stef is “very much like a heightened version” of herself. “From the audition, right away, I was like, ‘I love her. I hope I get to play this woman,’” Lewis said of Stef. “She’s fun.  She at one point was described as one shade of lipstick always away from the after spot after school or the bar going out with her girls. Stef is … kind of bubbly vivacious and just like a little bit of a firecracker.”

Lyric Lewis as Stef “A.P. Bio” star Lyric Lewis said that her character on the new NBC comedy is “very much like a heightened version” of herself. Photo: NBC/Vivian Zink

In this week’s Season 1, episode 4 of “A.P. Bio,” Stef sells makeup at school as a side business. But as seen in a sneak peek from the episode, her best friends and co-teachers Mary (Mary Sohn) and Michelle (Jean Villepique) are struggling with saying no to her.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jack (Glenn Howerton) gets into a petty dispute with Marcus (Nick Peine), the president of the student council. When Marcus surprisingly refuses to back down, the situation escalates much too far.

In another sneak peek from the episode, Jack is surprised when he gets an unsweetened fruit leather strip from the school’s vending machine instead of his usual chips. When Jacks asks Ralph (Patton Oswalt) where his favorite chips go, the school principal reminds him that “the student council is responsible for what goes in the snack machine.”

Jack asks Ralph to find a way to get his chips back, but the school head warns him not to go against the student council. “Jack you didn’t want to get involved with the student council,” Ralph says. “It’s the most toxically ambitious group of students altogether in one room.”

“A.P. Bio” Season 1, episode 4, titled “Overachieving Virgins,” airs on Thursday, March 1 at 8:30 p.m. EST on NBC. Watch the sneak peeks from the episode below:

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